Due to the high demand for energy, power companies can have a difficult time providing the supply of power to meet that demand. This can lead to rolling blackouts when the supply is spread too thin. When your power goes down, you lose 100% productivity during down time. That time without power generation can lead to millions of dollars in losses. Hold Fast’s standby power program protects you during volatile weather seasons and reduces the likelihood of a shutdown at critical production periods.

Our generation solutions allow for demand response, allowing our clients to receive government tax credits, leaving them equipped with a brand new revenue pipeline. We source from all generation solutions available to ensure that your demands are met. We understand that different regions and different all have different energy needs, and at Hold Fast we are committed to providing you with the best services to fit your energy needs.

Don’t settle for paying retail prices for your energy needs. Call today to learn how Holdfast can get you wholesale pricing

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