Our goal focuses on the ability to optimize the existing HVAC Systems by reducing energy usage. Reducing corrosion, thermal heat from sunlight or controlling the environment so that HVAC systems are operating at full potential is our goal if a facility wants to achieve optimum energy efficiency.

HVAC Systems are responsible for on average 50-60% of a facility’s total energy use and are a major component of energy efficiency.

Hold Fast Industries wants to show you how to tackle the HVAC energy efficiency in your facility with the use of KW Guard and how improving a system’s energy performance can reduce runtimes, maintenance costs and increase the life of roof top units (RTU’s) to reduce their energy costs on average by up to 30% immediately with ROI’s within 12 months or less in many cases.

Application Process

• Clean and coat the condenser coil with a Siloxane based coating to achieve the most efficient heat transfer and protection of the surface areas.
• Place the condensing and evaporating coils in a cabinet.
• Coat the exterior cabinet of the unit with Energy Star rated ceramic coating to prevent the sun from heating the cabinet of the unit.


• Maximum efficiency
• Eliminate high temp failures
• Reduce maintenance costs
• Prolong operational life of equipment
• Minimize Carbon footprint
• Reduce peak demand via shorter runtime

Results indicate that when ceramic coatings are applied to cabinets for condenser and evaporation coils, the external temperature of the cabinets is reduced by 35 to 45 degrees F and the internal temperature is reduced by 10 to 12 degrees F. Results reveal that the ceramic coating removes 30-40% of the load on the HVAC equipment and reduce the run time required to satisfy internal building loads. Hold Fast Industries would like to proceed with a complete evaluation and provide a solution to provide your HVAC efficiencies including the investment and corresponding reduced costs.